• Challenges

    Companies within the asset-intensive industries are often challenged with managing external labor for engineering, construction, maintenance work on large and expensive assets. The digital maturity level of service procurement within these industries is very low, and utilizing a single digital solution is rare. Without a seamless integration between the planning & scheduling tools with the procurement tools can often lead to a significant cost increase, thus resulting in a negative profitability impact.

  • Solution

    Our tailored SaaS solution is a specialized cloud-based platform for labor & service procurement that provides a complete solution for these issues. It enables seamless collaboration between the buyer and its suppliers, independent of the industry.

  • Benefits

    Comengy integrated platform supports the planning, assignment, procurement, management, controlling, accounting, and auditing of external services and is already adopted globally today by numerous firms, including members of the top 30 DAX enterprises.

Challenges around procurement of services

Challenges around procurement of services

  • Procure-to-Pay standard systems and processes do not support the effective execution of the engineering process
  • Global sourcing deviation between maintenance and engineering processes
  • Manual, fragile and error prone process with several standalone applications
  • Limited visibility on suppliers' performance
  • Cumbersome cost controlling due to disconnected engineering and procurement processes

Asset-intensive industries often face missing end-to-end processes, lack of standardization and automation and multiple set of master data along the entire process chain.

A seamless Engineer-to-Pay process brings a lot of value

  • Increased Transparency on Project Costs Via Standardized Service Catalogs
  • 20% Process Cost Optimization
  • Real-time visibility of contractor performance allowing on-time execution of corrective measures
  • 8% to 12% Savings on Annual Spend
  • Faster design through full transparency of previous projects and requirements
  • 30% to 40% Service and Material Lead time Reduction
  • Aligned maintenance and engineering processes for the definition and automated execution of procurement needs
  • 25% to 35% Increased P2P Operational Efficiency
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